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As the pet-owning population continues to rise in the UK, so does the number of breeds becoming more popular. With so many options, it can be difficult for expectant and existing pet owners to choose the right dog and the right breed for them. 

According to data shared by the Kennel Club, we've compiled a list 2024's most popular dog breeds in the UK to make your decision easier - whether you’re looking for an active family pup or a loyal companion - there's a breed for everyone! 

So if you're wondering which pooch has become a household favourite this year, read on!

Labrador Retriever

A Black Labrador Retriever

Everyone's favourite dog, Labrador Retrievers are undoubtedly a bundle of joy for any pet owner. Friendly, loyal, and energetic, it's no surprise that these dogs are one of the UK's number 1 most popular and common dog breeds.

These playful companions are not only popular due to their adorable looks, but also their loving personalities and intelligence which make them the perfect family dog.

Their unwavering loyalty and eagerness to please their owners is matched only by their love for adventure and outdoors activities. Whether it's a game of fetch or a long walk in the park, Labradors are always up for fun.

Labradors also make up the large majority of guide dogs & support dogs, due to their innately helpful, considerate nature and their ease of training compared to other dogs.

With so much to offer, it's clear why they have captured the hearts of so many dog lovers across Britain.

French Bulldog

A French Bulldog looking into the camera

If you're looking for a furry and friendly companion, look no further than the French Bulldog. With their adorable wrinkles and bat-like ears, it's no wonder they've become the UK's second most popular breed and one of the most common breeds of dog.

These pups are known for their playful yet laid back personalities, making them a great fit for families or apartment dwellers. Plus, their small size (usually under 13kg) means they're easy to travel with and won't take up too much space in your home.

It's worth being aware of the potential health issues associated with poorly bred French Bulldogs, so make sure you source your pup from a reputable breeder, or have your rescue thoroughly checked over by your vet.

Whether you're a seasoned dog owner or a first-time pup parent, consider adding a French Bulldog to your family and enjoy all the love and cuddles they have to offer.

English Cocker Spaniel

A dark brown haired English Cocker Spaniel against a white background

English Cocker Spaniels have captured the hearts of dog lovers across the United Kingdom, earning themselves a spot as the country's third most popular dog breed.

With their gorgeous long haired coats, friendly personalities, and loving nature, it's no wonder the beautiful dogs have become a favourite among households everywhere. English Cocker Spaniels have a certain charm that's hard to resist, and their playful nature makes them a joy to be around.

Whether they're curled up on your lap or chasing after a ball, there's something undeniably special about these furry friends. It's no surprise they're such a popular choice among British dog owners - they truly are one of a kind!

English Bulldog

A tan & white English Bulldog against a white background

English Bulldogs hold a special place in the hearts of dog lovers in the United Kingdom. As the country's 4th most popular dog breed, they have become a beloved member of many families.

With their distinct wrinkled faces and adorable snorts, it's easy to see why so many people have fallen in love with them. Even though they may have a reputation for laziness, English Bulldogs are still very loyal and fiercely protective of their human companions.

If you're a fan of these chubby pups, you're definitely not alone!

Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund

A black miniature short haired Dachshund

If you're looking for a furry companion that's small in size but big on personality, you might want to consider a Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund.

These adorable pups are one of the UK's top dog breeds, known for their friendly and affectionate nature.

Despite their tiny stature, they have a big bark and make excellent watchdogs. They love to cuddle up with their owners and are happiest when they're by your side.

Whether you're looking for a playful playmate or a loyal companion, a Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshund might just be the perfect pooch for you!

English Springer Spaniel

A brown and white English Springer Spaniel against a white background

English Springer Spaniels are truly delightful companions and it's no wonder they rank as the UK's 6th most popular dog breed.

These very loyal dogs are friendly and energetic, making them a great addition to family life. Their playful personalities and eagerness to please make them easy to train, whether you want them to fetch your slippers or simply come when called.

They're also highly affectionate and love nothing more than snuggling up on the sofa for a cosy evening in.

If you're looking for a canine companion that is both charming and full of character, then an English Springer Spaniel might just be the perfect choice for you.

Golden Retriever

A Golden Labrador Retriever against a white background

Golden Retrievers are a truly wonderful breed of dog that have captured the hearts of millions across the UK. It's no surprise then that the golden variety alone has come in seventh place in the popularity charts!

With their gorgeous, flowing coats of fur, friendly personalities and gentle dispositions, it's hard to resist their wagging tails and big, bright brown eyes.

These furry friends are loyal, intelligent, and always eager to please their owners. Plus, they make fantastic family pets!

From fun-loving puppies to wise and lovable seniors, Golden Retrievers are a source of joy for anyone who has the pleasure of caring for them. It's easy to see why so many people love this breed so much.

German Shepherd

A German Shepherd against a white background

German Shepherds are quickly making their way up the ranks in the UK's most popular dog breed list! Sitting comfortably at number 8, these highly intelligent and loyal pooches are a favourite among dog lovers across the country.

Whether they are working as police dogs, assisting those with disabilities or simply snuggling up to their owners on the sofa, German Shepherds have proven themselves to be a versatile and much-loved breed.

Known for their confidence and bravery, these four-legged friends are always eager to please, making them wonderful companions to those lucky enough to call them their own.

So, if you're looking for a loyal and loving fur companion, you may just want to consider bringing a German Shepherd into your home!

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

A brown Staffordshire Bull Terrier against a white background

It's no surprise that Staffordshire Bull Terriers are among the top ten most popular dog breeds in the UK. These lovable pups are known for their loyalty and friendly nature, making them perfect family pets.

Despite the stigma surrounding their breed, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are actually incredibly gentle and affectionate dogs. They love nothing more than snuggling up with their humans and playing fetch in the park.

If you're looking for a furry companion that will bring a smile to your face every day, consider adopting a Staffordshire Bull Terrier. You won't regret it!


A Pug

Have you ever seen a pug and not instantly fallen in love with their lovable wrinkly faces and big, soulful eyes?! It's no surprise that pugs have made their way onto the list of the UK's top 10 most popular dog breeds.

These little dogs pack a whole lot of personality into their compact frames, with a playful energy and affectionate nature that make them perfect companions for any household. Plus, pugs have a rich history in the UK, originally bred as companions to royalty in ancient China and later becoming sought-after pets of British aristocracy.

Be aware that poorly bred Pugs can have similar health issues and breathing issues as French Bulldogs.

If you're looking for a furry friend that's equal parts cute and charming, a pug might just be the perfect pup for you.

Border Terrier

A wire haired Border Terrier against a white background

If you're looking for a furry companion that's loyal, fun-loving, and smart, look no further than the Border Terrier. It's no wonder these wire haired pups have made it to the UK's top 11 most popular dog breeds.

With their adorable scruffy coats and perky ears, they're hard not to love! Border Terriers are not only great pets but also excel in various activities, including agility and obedience training.

They love to play, run around, and explore their surroundings. And, despite their small size, they have big personalities packed into their compact frames.

So, if you're looking for a furry friend to brighten up your life, the Border Terrier could be the perfect match for you!

Miniature Schnauzer

A black and white Miniature Schnauzer against a white background

If you're looking for a lovable companion, consider adopting a Miniature Schnauzer. According to recent Kennel Club statistics, they are the UK's 12th most popular dog breed - and for good reason!

These little pups are incredibly friendly, loyal, and intelligent. Not to mention, their iconic bushy eyebrows and beards will steal your heart in an instant. Plus, they're great for families since they love to play and are wonderful with children.

So if you're looking for a new furry friend, why not give a Miniature Schnauzer a chance? You won't regret it!

Hungarian Viszla

A Hungarian Vizsla against a white background

Hungarian Viszlas have recently made their way onto the UK's list of most popular dog breeds, coming in at number 13.

These wonderful canines are not only beloved for their stunning appearance, but also for their warm and affectionate personalities. Viszlas are known for being a loyal and intelligent breed, making them ideal companions for those who enjoy an active and engaging lifestyle.

Whether it's hiking, running, or simply playing fetch in the park, these pups are always eager to join in the fun.

So if you're considering adding a new furry friend to your family, why not consider one of these fabulous Hungarian Viszlas?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A black and white Cavalier King Charles Spaniel against a white background

If you're a fan of small, friendly dogs with a whole lot of personality, then look no further than the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

This breed has captured the hearts of many UK dog lovers and has earned its place as the 14th most popular dog breed in the country. And it's no wonder why!

With their expressive eyes, wagging tails, and affectionate nature, it's hard not to fall in love with these little pups.

Whether you're looking for a loyal companion to cuddle with on the couch or a playful friend to take on outdoor adventures, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is sure to steal your heart.

Yorkshire Terrier

A Yorkshire Terrier against a white background

Have you ever heard of the saying "big things come in small packages"? Well, that couldn't be more true for Yorkshire Terriers.

Despite their small size, these adorable little pups pack a big personality. It's no surprise that they have become the UK's 15th most popular breed.

Their outgoing nature and loyalty to their owners make them the perfect companion for anyone looking for a furry friend. Whether you're looking for a lapdog to snuggle up with or a playful pup to take on adventures, these lovable dogs are sure to brighten up your life.

So why not join the thousands of Yorkshire Terrier lovers and add one to your family? You won't regret it!

Honourable Mentions - Border Collie, Jack Russell Terrier, Whippet, Boxer

A blue and white Whippet against a white background

As well as all the wonderful breeds listed above, here are a few other popular breeds & some of our personal favourites as honourable mentions.

Whether it's the energetic Border Collie or the quick-witted Jack Russell Terrier, there's a plethora of pooches to offer a home. The sleek and agile Whippet, the loyal Boxer or the regal Corgi, favourite dog breed to Queen Elizabeth, may also be among your top contenders.

No matter your choice, these popular dog breeds in the UK are sure to steal your heart with their charming personalities. While they may not have made the top spot, we believe these breeds surely make the cut with their delightful traits.

Mixed Breeds - Cockapoo, Labradoodle etc

A tan and white Cockapoo against a white background

As pet lovers, we all have our preferred breeds of dogs that we adore. However, in recent times, mixed breeds such as Cockapoos, Labradoodles, and others have taken the UK by storm.

These adorable furry friends are now some of the most sought after dogs in the country. It's no surprise given their cute and unique looks, as well as their affectionate personality traits.

Mixed breeds are also known to have fewer health problems than purebreds, making them an ideal choice for those who want a loyal companion that's healthy and happy.

So, if you're looking for a furry friend that's both adorable and unique, a mixed breed might just be the perfect animal for you.

Average dogs per household in the UK

A large dog lays in the shade in its UK garden

When it comes to furry companions, there's no doubt that dogs are some of the most lovable pets around. But have you ever wondered just how many households in the UK have a four-legged buddy living with them?

Well, according to recent statistics, of those with dogs the average number per household in the UK is around 1.3. That means there are millions of pups across the country, bringing joy, comfort, and plenty of wagging tails to homes everywhere.

Whether you're a proud pup parent or just a dog lover in general, it's always heart warming to know that so many households in the UK have room in their hearts (and on their sofas) for a furry friend.

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