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Introducing the Tuff Pets Referral Program! Here's how it works - for every friend you refer who makes a purchase, you'll both receive 20% off your next order. So start spreading the word and save on your favourite pet supplies!

How to get started

It's very simple:

  1. Head to our Referral Sign Up Page
  2. Sign up to the programme
  3. Pick an option for how to share your referral link. You could send via Email, Post to Facebook or Twitter, Share Via WhatsApp or simply copy the link to share as you please.

Once your friend signs up and makes a purchase using your code (and gets 20% off) you'll also get a 20% discount cod. This will also work alongside our subscription service.

What you need to know

Unfortunately to stop any fraudulent usage of this discount you cannot refer another member of your household as we check for both Postal Address and IP address. The discounts will unfortunately not stack, so while there's no limit to the number of times you can be discounted, you'll only be able to use one discount code per purchase. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us!

Ambassador Programme

Do you & your pet have a loyal social media following? Do you REALLY love our bags? Consider signing up to be one of our brand ambassadors & SAVE every time someone buys through your link!

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