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Pet owners all across the country can show their furry friends a little extra love this February 20th, which is National Love Your Pet Day. It's the perfect excuse to give your pet a few extra snuggles, take them on an extra-long walk, or spoil them with a special pet treat. No matter how you decide to celebrate this special day, your furry friend will definitely appreciate it!

History of National Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day was created by dog lover Colleen Paige in 2006 as a way for pet lovers everywhere to show appreciation and love for their beloved animals. It falls on February 20th every year, so go ahead and spoil your furry friends with extra cuddles, treats and playtime!

Show them how much you care about them by taking some time out of your day to just enjoy each other's company. No matter if it's a dog, cat, fish or hamster in your family, National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect excuse to give every pet that extra bit of love.

Why National Love Your Pet Day is Celebrated

National Love Your Pet Day is a spectacular holiday that allows us to show our feline friends, pet birds and all other animals how much we care! On this special day we can thank our puppy pals and fur babies for being such an integral part of our lives.

As dog owners, it's a wonderful opportunity to take a break from our day-to-day lives and spend it with man’s best friend, showing them just how much we adore them in the process. So, make sure you don’t forget your furry family members on National Love Your Pet Day – give them some extra love and appreciation!

Spend quality time together

A woman embracing her dog

Owning a pet is one of life's greatest joys! After all, what's not to love about holding a pet in your arms or having them follow you around the house? This is why pet owners across the nation made the effort to celebrate National Love Your Pet Day 2022 and should do the same this year!

At least one pet in the house means there is plenty of companionship, unconditional love and cuddles. Spend quality time together by taking your pet on walks, playing fetch, and giving them extra affection and treats throughout the day.

When a pet owner prioritises spending time with their pet, it sends a clear message that they are appreciated and loved. 

Interesting Facts about National Love Your Pet Day

National Love Your Pet Day is a great day for pet owners to appreciate the joy their furry friend brings every day. Did you know that pet ownership has health benefits as well? Those of us who own pet's often experience lower levels of stress and improved mental wellbeing among other feelings.

Furthermore, pet ownership has also been linked to other physical benefits such as lower blood pressure, an increased sense of exercise, and even improved longevity.

Additionally, most households contain at least one animal companion these days according to recent reports! So almost all of us can have fun celebrating national love your pet day!

No matter how much or little you love your pet, National Love Your Pet Day is a great reminder to always show some appreciation.

How do you show love for your pets?

A woman holding a pug - the pug's tongue is hanging out

Showing love for your pets can be a wonderful experience - and of course there are many different ways to do it.

For dog owners, trips to the dog park are always a great choice - not only will your pup get the exercise they need, but they'll also socialize with other dogs. Taking care of your pet's health is another important way to express your love - make sure their shots are up to date and monitor their diet for any changes in behaviour or health.

You can also treat them with special dog days, where you spend some extra-special one on one time with them and make them feel really loved.

Cat owners don't get left out either – playtime with a laser pointer or a feline-approved toy can really show your furry friend how much you care.

Even if you have small breed dogs that don't spend as much time outdoors, there are still toys like Frisbees made just for those tiny toy dog breeds that will guarantee lots of smiles from you and your pup!

How are pets beneficial to humans?

Pets can be incredibly beneficial to humans in many different ways. They provide special attention and care that often cannot be found elsewhere.

From their unconditional love and companionship, to the physical and emotional benefits, pet owners could not ask for more from the special relationship they share with their four legged friends. Studies have found that cats, in particular, are associated with improved mental health in older adults compared to those who don't own a pet.

Recent studies even suggest that having more cats & dogs around may reduce stress levels, making it easier for an individual to enjoy life's every day moments. It all goes to show how much of a positive impact our pets can have on our well-being.


What is National Love Your Pet Day?

National Love Your Pet Day is the perfect reminder for us to take extra special care of our furry pals.

When is National Love Your Pet Day?

On February 20th each year, pet owners around the world celebrate this special day in their own way.

How do I celebrate National Love Your Pet Day?

While some make pupcakes and lavish their canine cuties with treats and toys, others simply set aside quality time to play and snuggle together or go for an extra long walk!

What are some fun ideas for celebrating National Love Your Pet Day with my pet?

Celebrating National Love Your Pet Day with your special friend is the purr-fect time to show appreciation for their unconditional love and loyalty. Best of all, there are tons of activities you can have fun doing that will make it extra memorable. Why not go on a scenic walk in the park or take them out for a special outing like getting ice cream? You could also make home made treats for your furry pal as a snack or let them join you in different activities like gardening and yoga!


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