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A pug having it's ears cleaned

How to clean your Dog’s Ears at Home

We all have to maintain our dog's hygiene through regular bathing, and caring for your dog’s aural hygiene should be included in this routine. Many dogs are fortunate to have healthy, self cleaning ears but others, especially breeds with floppier,...

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An open air tannery

Reasons to stop feeding your dog Rawhide Immediately

Dogs love to chew. It’s our job as responsible owners to direct their drive to chew onto non-destructive, healthy objects. Rawhide has been a staple material used to produce dog chews for decades but it hides dangers that all pet...

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A small dog in a bathrobe and sunglasses relaxing with cocktail

Tried & Tested Ways to Calm your Anxious Dog Today

It’s a reality for the majority of dog owners that anxiety or fear affect their pet at some stage of their lives. For the lucky ones this will be a fleeting or momentary problem. For others, especially those with rescue...

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From left to right; food waste then compost then a plant growing.

Everything you need to know about Plastic Biodegradability

As society becomes more conscious of the dangers that varying types of plastic present to the environment, it’s natural for us to want to find ways to do less harm. One excellent way of reducing your carbon footprint is to...

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A Dachshund wearing chefs whites and a chefs hat, standing behind the ingredients and cooking vessels ready to cook a meal

What Human Foods Can I Feed My Dog?

So What Human Food Can I Feed My Dog? It can be extremely tempting to slip your dog a little mouthful of whatever you’re eating, especially when they adorn their most heartstring tugging puppy dog eyes. There are, however, many...

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Woman picking up dog poop while walking her small dog

Dog Poop Disposal - The Best Practices

The one constant for all dog owners is poop, there’s no escaping it! They’ll always find the perfect spot and if they’re anything like our dogs, it’ll be very public and very inconvenient. Any responsible dog owner will have a...

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dog with large quantity of shed hair

Minimising the Potential Dangers of Pet Hair

If you have a pet that sheds then you’ll be well aware of the constant difficulty in keeping clothing and furnishings free of fluff. While some may only think of pet hair as an unsightly inconvenience, many are unaware that...

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dog with finger toothbrush

How Do I Clean My Dog's Teeth?

  Keeping your dog's teeth clean and healthy is an essential part of their overall well-being. Poor dental hygiene can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and other infections that can reduce quality of life and even contribute to some...

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