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Support Dogs puppy in training

Support Dogs - Who are the charity & what do they do?

It may come as no surprise that the people behind Tuff Pets are also dog lovers. Two thirds of the company have dogs and the other third is undoubtedly jealous! We wanted to give something back to the community and...

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A puppy wearing pink sunglasses pants as it hangs its head out of the car window.

Why do dogs pant in the car?

Why do dogs pant? If you've ever seen a dog panting on a hot day, you might have wondered why they do it. In fact, there are several reasons why dogs pant. For one thing, panting helps to regulate their...

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A Jack Russell looking relaxed, laid with its head in its owner's lap

Why does my dog sigh?

Have you ever noticed your dog sighing and wondered what it meant? Dogs actually communicate a lot through their sighs, and by paying attention to the length and volume of the noise, you can get a pretty good idea of...

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Frenchie Sat On Feet Looking At Owner

Why Do Dogs Sit At Your Feet?

Dogs have always been known as man's best friend, and there is a good reason for that. Dogs are loyal, protective, and always happy to see their owner. They also do some strange things that can be confusing to us...

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A Corgi's bum -

7 Reasons Why Dogs Sleep With Their Bum Facing You

The reason your companion does this could be scientific and genetic, it could be psychological or it could just be your dog's unique personality. It might seem a little strange, but there are actually several reasons why dogs like to sleep with their bum facing you.

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A woman working on her laptop with a golden retriever sleeping at her side

The UK’s Most Pet-Friendly Country

New research puts Scotland first among UK countries for pet-friendly facilities and their relative accessibility to working pet owners.  With many businesses returning to the office, workers with pets face a substantial adjustment in terms of time they’re now able...

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A black wheelie bin against a garden trellis which has green leave growing up it.

Which Bin Does Dog Poop Go In? - UK

We all love being out and about with our dogs, but one thing we don't like is picking up after them. As dog owners, it may seem like a small price to pay for all that fun we have together,...

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A megaphone with "refer a friend" coming out of it

The All New Tuff Pets Customer Referral & Discount Programme

Refer a friend and save Introducing the Tuff Pets Referral Program! Here's how it works - for every friend you refer who makes a purchase, you'll both receive 20% off your next order. So start spreading the word and save...

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A cockerpoo playing in a sprinkler on a sunny day

How to help your pet beat the summer heat

Across the spectrum of dog breeds there are vast differences in ability to regulate body temperature. From the tiny, short haired Chihuahua, perfectly adapted for the hot Mexico desert, to the giant, long haired Bernese Mountain Dog, ideally suited for snowy, alpine regions. In this guide we will cover ways to help keep your dog cool and comfortable in hot weather, no matter the breed!

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