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The one constant for all dog owners is poop, there’s no escaping it! They’ll always find the perfect spot and if they’re anything like our dogs, it’ll be very public and very inconvenient. Any responsible dog owner will have a stock of waste bags on them at all times when out walking, and our bags make for a compact and environmentally conscious option.
Coming up are some rules about picking up your dog's waste and disposing of it safely and correctly.
Rule 1 – Always Pick it Up
This really should go without saying. No matter the location, be it on the pavement, in the park, along a verge or out in the countryside. Leaving dog waste is not only rude but potentially dangerous, as it can contain nasty bacteria and parasites including Hookworm, Roundworm and Giardia. Not picking up your dog’s waste can also land you a hefty fine, which at the very least should be an incentive to pick it up!
Rule 2 - Disposing of it in a Responsible Way
In areas with large numbers of dog walkers there are often specific bins for dog waste, it is best to use these over regular waste bins as the dog waste is often used for biomass fuel. All of our bags are entirely biodegradable and are therefore safe to be disposed of anywhere.
Rule 3 - What if Your Dog has the Runs?
It happens. We can do everything in our power to ensure our dogs get the best diet, but being dogs they’ll manage to find something out and about to make themselves a bit poorly. It can’t be helped, but what to do if you’re caught short on a walk?
Using surrounding grass or leaves can aid in pick up and a small bottle of water to wash the affected area doesn’t hurt! Covering anything remaining with a handful of loose dirt helps prevent mishaps for other pedestrians.
In conclusion, be conscious of your surroundings and courteous to those you share them with. Clearing up after our dogs isn’t the most pleasant aspect of dog ownership, but it is necessary and with the right actions; safe for the environment. Try our waste bags for an environmentally friendly disposal option and comment below if you have any other handy tips!


  • Heather Young
    • Heather Young
    • February 14, 2024 at 1:26 pm

    Excellent quality bags, good size for our large pooch with those all essential handles!
    Have trialled many, and these are the best!

  • Gordon Haddow
    • Gordon Haddow
    • January 11, 2024 at 1:34 pm

    Hi love your poo bags great size fantastic quality only thing I wish is that you got more for the money 5•

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