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If you have a pet that sheds then you’ll be well aware of the constant difficulty in keeping clothing and furnishings free of fluff. While some may only think of pet hair as an unsightly inconvenience, many are unaware that excessive contact with loose pet hair can cause varying degrees of illness. Before taking the dive into pet ownership, make sure you have plenty of high quality cleaning products and equipment as even puppies can shed and their fur can often be worse for humans than that of adult dogs!

Don’t forget your car, this can also be a hotspot for your pet to deposit hair, not just on the fabric seats and carpets, but stuck to windows, roof fabrics, and even circulated through the air system. Having one of our rollers in on hand can make for a useful and speedy clearing tool for hairy hotspots. 

What are the potential illnesses?

Hair or fur isn’t actually the cause of illness, it is the “dander”, or proteins found in skin flakes which are attached to the hairs as your dog sheds. This protein can also be found in saliva and other excretions, but hair and skin flakes are the main culprits.

Pets can also carry other irritants such as pollen into the house during the season, and grass seed. Brushing your dog off post walk can help reduce the proliferation of these irritants.

Allergies are most likely to manifest as skin irritation first and foremost. There are many other potential symptoms which can include: a sore or dry throat, coughing or wheezing, Itchy and red eyes, scratching and repetitive sneezing.

If you are asthmatic, you are more at risk of exacerbating your condition if you don’t keep your house as free of pet hair as possible. Breathing could become a serious problem, and just as in hay fever, histamine is released as your immune system overreacts to the allergens. Reactions can happen to anyone at any time, even if you have never experienced them before. Different people react differently to all allergens.

Minimising the risk

The most obvious way is to keep your home perfectly clean, which as we all know can be easier said than done with busy schedules and messy dogs.

Regularly brushing your dog outside the home helps enormously. If they require grooming, have it done by a professional groomer. At all costs, keep all of that loose hair away from the home. Our hair remover is ideal for carpets and furniture of all varieties for the inevitable circumstance that some hair will get into the house. Once you’ve picked up as much as possible with the roller, whip out your hoover and suck up any remaining clumps.

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