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A boxer dog pooping outside

Why Is My Dog Pooping in the House?

Are you dealing with a stinky situation in your home, and not sure why? If you have recently noticed that your pup is pooping inside the house (or any other indoor area!) chances are there could be an underlying issue....

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Beagle Puppy rolling in the grass

Why Do Dogs Roll On Their Backs? For Fun? Or Something Else?

Do you ever wonder why your pup loves rolling around on their back? You may have seen them do it in the grass, on dirt or when they're belly-up for belly rubs. It's a strange behaviour that some owners find...

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A corgi holding its lead in its mouth waiting to go for a walk

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog? | Tuff Pets

When you welcome a dog into your family, frequent walks become an absolutely essential part of daily life. For adult dogs, these walks may be more leisurely than those for younger dogs, but keeping up this regime is beneficial for...

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A Jack Russell Terrier spinning on the spot

Why Do Dogs Spin In Circles?

Have you ever seen your dog twirling around in circles before settling down to sleep? Or have you noticed that they tend to take a few laps around their bed before finally sitting down and getting comfortable? Maybe spinning in a...

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Bulldog rolling in the grass

Why Do Dogs Roll In Fox Poo?

In this blog I'll discuss some of the reasons your dog might be rolling in fox poo when out on walks or in the back garden. There’s many reasons, some easy to explain, some that go back to the genetics and roots of your dog and some that are just your dog being its weird self. We’ll also delve into if any of these behaviours can cause the dog any harm, and ways to potentially stop this behaviour if you are getting sick of giving your dogs a bath after every walk!

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National Love your Pets Day Logo

Ways to Celebrate National Love Your Pet Day

Pet owners all across the country can show their furry friends a little extra love this February 20th, which is National Love Your Pet Day. It's the perfect excuse to give your pet a few extra snuggles, take them on...

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A nervous dog peeks from underneath curtains

How Long Can You Leave a Puppy Alone? Tips and Tricks to Help

Leaving puppy home alone for the first time - Never more than an hour Leaving your puppy home alone for the first time can be an anxious experience for any puppy parent. It is best to start with small amounts...

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Three dogs playing with a ball in the park

January Is National Train Your Dog Month: Here's What That Means

Why Even Train Your Dog!?: The Importance of Training Your Furry Friends January is national train your dog month and a perfect time to start - or continue - training your furry friend. Training dogs is essential for developing a...

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A dog sat on a mountain with its owner

New Year's Resolutions for You & Your Dog

As the calendar turns over to a new year, it’s time to start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions. Are you looking for ways to stay active and improve yourself in 2023? We suggest including your four-legged family member in...

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