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An adult German Shepherd licking a Puppy German Shepherd

How to Help Your Older Dog Adjust When You Add a New Dog to the Home

Adding a new four-legged member to your family is always an exciting experience. But for all the joy that comes with bringing home a puppy, there are some challenges to consider - especially if you already have an older dog...

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Jack Russell Terrier Puppy chewing on it's owner's hand during it's Teething Phase

Puppy Teething & What You Can Do About It

Are you a new puppy owner trying to figure out what’s the deal with this teething business? Puppy teething is not just a physical process, but an emotional one as well. While it's perfectly normal for your pup to drool...

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Two British Bulldogs, one sniffing the other's backside

Why Do Dogs Smell Each Other's Bums?

Have you ever watched your dog sniff another canine's backside and thought to yourself, “What are they doing?” If so, you're not alone! Dogs' unusual behaviour of smelling each other's bums has often been a source of curiosity for pet...

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A Golden Retriever puppy eating food from a bowl

When to Switch a Puppy to Adult Dog Food & Feeding at Different Life Stages

Are you a new dog owner wondering when your pup should switch to adult dog food? Or an experienced pet parent looking for some guidance on the best feeding routine for your furry friend at different life stages?   Either way,...

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A corgi being bathed while it's tongue's sticking out

How Often Should You Bathe a Dog?

As a dog owner, you want your pup to be happy and comfortable as much as possible. One way to achieve this is by giving them regular baths - but how often should that really be? Bathing too infrequently can...

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When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes? And Other Things To Expect During a Young Puppy's Development

When Do Puppies Open Their Eyes? And Other Things To Expect During a Young Puppy's Development

Ah, puppies—the epitome of cuteness and adorableness! But, as any dog owner can tell you, they also come with a steep learning curve. From the moment they're born until around 14-16 weeks old, your puppy will go through a number...

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A dog with various speech bubbles above its head, all with common dog sounds in them

How to Speak Dog by Understanding Dog Body Language

Do you ever look at your pup and wish you could understand them a little better? As pet owners, we often want to figure out what our four-legged friends are trying to tell us with their body language. You know...

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A Shiba Inu kicking it's back legs

Why Do Dogs Kick After They Poop? That & Other Reasons For Your Dog Kicking Their Back Legs Explained

If you're a dog owner, you've no doubt noticed your pup kicking their back legs after they finish pooping. You may be wondering why exactly this behaviour occurs, and if it's something to be concerned about. You can rest assured:...

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A woman holding a Pomeranian & grimacing due to the dog's smell

Reasons Your Dog Smells Bad & What You Can Do About It

Having a smelly pup can be embarrassing and frustrating. As dog owners, we know that it's not pleasant to walk around with a stinky dog. But the good news is there are ways you can help stop your pup from...

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