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A Dachshund laying in the sand

Hacks, Tips & How to Keep Dogs Cool in the Summer Heat - 2023

When the heat of summer hits, it's hard to find ways to keep our furry friends cool. Without the right strategies and tools, dogs in warmer climates can quickly become overheated - both inside the house or out! Luckily for...

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Various Breeds of dog lined upw

2024's Most Popular Dog Breeds in the UK

As the pet-owning population continues to rise in the UK, so does the number of breeds becoming more popular. With so many options, it can be difficult for expectant and existing pet owners to choose the right dog and the...

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Young puppy receiving obedience training

Your Puppy Training Guide - Teaching Good Behaviour Before It’s Too Late

Are you looking to get a jump start on puppy training? Setting your pup up with the right behaviours and habits now can help raise a well-behaved dog later. It is important to remember that puppies are like sponges, soaking...

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A dog looking very happy whilst being petted

Why Do Dogs Like to Be Petted?

Everyone knows dogs love to be petted! But have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? The reality is that most dogs seek out physical contact for many reasons - from comfort and security, to receiving affection & assurance their...

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A adolescent Golden Retriever chewing on a dog toy

Puppy Adolescence - How to Deal with a Teenage Dog | Tuff Pets

Puppy adolescence is a crucial time during your dog's development, and it can be both a challenging and rewarding experience. From the age of about 6 months to 1-2 year, dogs go through dramatic physical, mental and emotional changes that...

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Gold Retriever puppy sleeping

How Much Sleep Do Puppies Need?

When you bring your pup into your home for the first time, one of the most common and normal questions that new pet owners have is "how much sleep do puppies need?". Sleep is so important and gives us a...

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An Australian shepherd dog baring its teeth

Reasons Why Your Dog May Be Growling or Snarling

Many people believe that any dog growl aggressive, however there are many different reasons why your dog may be growling and snarling. Read our guide to find out the different types of dog growl and what most dogs means by...

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A beagle having its belly rubbed whilst laying in the grass

Why Do Dogs Love To Have Their Belly Rubbed So Much?

If there is one thing a lot of dog owners can agree on, it’s that our furry friends absolutely love having their belly rubbed! It is almost too cute to watch their ears perk up, eyes light up and tail...

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A boxer dog pooping outside

Why Is My Dog Pooping in the House?

Are you dealing with a stinky situation in your home, and not sure why? If you have recently noticed that your pup is pooping inside the house (or any other indoor area!) chances are there could be an underlying issue....

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